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Yan He


Econometrics #

Prescription Drugs Project #

  • Health Insurance Plans and Individuals’ Prescription drug Expenditures: How Expenditures vary among Plans along with underlying price inequality.
  • The findings suggest that the presumably higher drug price significantly increased the expenditures on prescription drugs for people with Medicare/Part D and Private Health Insurance plans. The effect is bigger for the elderly covered by Medicare with or without Part D.

Data Visualization #

Right now, the R Shiny Apps may have better layout on desktop.

Philly School App #

  • Maps School Characteristics by displaying the differences in school characteristics between different areas Mapping
  • Explores Philly School Data by examining the correlation between school outcomes and different characteristics ggplot2
  • Analyzes School Outcomes by building a regression model and predicting the Student Attendance rate, withdrawals and suspension

Medicare Advantage Plans Visualization #

  • This app presents some descriptive analyses of the data used to analyze the budget effects of an illustrative policy that is designed to auto-enroll eligible people into certain Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. Specifically, this App visualizes the county population and the county level eligible Medicare Advantage (MA) plans (for auto-enrollment) given the illustrative policy choices.

Healthcare facts Shiny Dashboard #

  • This App visualizes health insurance coverage and the health expenditures patterns. With the visualization, we can compare health insurance coverage and cost by different groups of people. We can look into more details of the cost paid by different payment sources and for different service types.