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Yan He

I was born and raised in China and moved to U.S. in the summer of 2016. I am currently living in Philadelphia with my husband. I moved to Philly from Charlottesville in 2018 Feburary after graduating from University of Virginia with my Master degree, and started my first career at University of Pennsylvania . Although I did not like Philly when I first moved here, now I love it.

Traveling #

Like many people, I like traveling. Below are some pictures from my recent travels.

@Hillsboro Beach, Florida Trip-March 2023
@Mountain Rainier, Washington Trip-August 2022
@Laguna Beach, California Trip-March 2022
@Cannon Beach, Oregon Trip-August 2021

Ballroom Dance #

A few months after I moved to Philly, I joined Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance (PLBD) club in the fall of 2018, and did some ballroom dance (beginner to bronze level) until COVID hit (I learned some Latin dance back when I was in college). I have not gotten back to ballroom dance since COVID but I had lots of fun when I was in the team. Also, I met my husband Alexander in the dance club and we were dance partners for various competitions.


Swimming #

In summer 2022, I took (adult) beginner and intermediate swimming classes that were offered by Penn gym –similar to dance, I learned a little swimming for 2 semesters when I was in college since swimming was a required class, but I still did not know how to swim after college. I have been practicing quite often since summer 2022, now I enjoy swimming a lot and am much better at it. I have been trying to swim as often as possible.


Running #

I am not a big runner, but I have participated in two 5Ks in the past - 2019 and 2023 Wharton 5K. I was not doing as well in 2023 ( result ) as in 2019 ( result ), but I still feel accomplished.